Spalding and District Amateur Radio Society

Policy and Practice for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

SDARS membership, as currently constituted, is open to all regardless of age and ability. SDARS has a duty of care towards all those attending its Meetings and Events. Minors must be accompanied by a Parent or Guardian who remains responsible for their charge at all times.

Monthly Meetings
We currently meet in a public building with wheel chair access and purpose-built toilet facilities. Wheel chair visitors have been successfully accommodated at our regular meetings and special events.
Where events are held in locations deemed unsuitable for wheelchair or disabled access attempts will be made to include members in the activities but no guarantees can be made.

SDARS provides regular training courses throughout the year and details can be found on the training page on the SDARS web site. Training is primarily undertaken by one of our two RSGB approved assessors as well as a few members who have specialist knowledge of certain topics. The location used is either a hired facility like the Pinchbeck Library or a conference room at the South Holland Civic Centre or sometimes, in the case of a small number of course members, a private dwelling.

Examinations are held at the address registered with and approved by the RSGB and administered by volunteers meeting the standards set by the RSGB. In the case of an examination being held at a home location where travel to an exam centre is inappropriate, the society will work with the RSGB to ensure that a satisfactory solution is found.

General Assistance
While presently no formal policy exists, individuals from within the membership may provide voluntary help of an appropriate kind dependent on circumstances. Individuals will not necessarily have any formal relevant training or experience. Where members who have specialist skills are willing and available, their experience should be used but they are under no obligation.

Provision of specialist equipment
SDARS does not own any specialist equipment with the exception of a small wheel chair ramp. It is to be born in mind that The Radio Amateur Invalid and Blind Club (RAIBC), a UK registered charity, has considerable experience in this area and can and does loan suitably modified equipment.

The above is believed to cover the perceived requirements of the society, which has to date been born out in practice. Every occasion requires individual careful evaluation and will be treated on its merits. The duty of care applies to SDARS Members who help as well as to those assisted. The objective should be to offer “Appropriate Assistance with Care”.

October 2017

Specific guidelines for safeguarding can be found on the RSGB website here.
Further information about training can be found on our Training web page and at the RSGB website here.

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