Spalding and District Amateur Radio Society

Constitution and Rules


2. The aims and objectives of The Society are to promote interest in and to assist in the exchange and dissemination of information in all aspects of amateur radio activity and related matters. The society may assist and co-operate or negotiate with other bodies or organisations in matters which relate to the interests of it’s members.

3. Membership shall be open to all interested persons at the discretion of the committee. The committee shall have the power to grant Honorary Membership to any person or persons deemed in the opinion of the committee to have rendered outstanding service to The Society. All members shall abide by the constitution of the Club. The Committee shall have power to expel any member whose conduct, in the opinion of at least three-quarters of the full Committee, renders that person unfit to be a member of the Club. No Member shall be expelled without first having been given an opportunity to appear before the Committee.

4. Annual subscriptions shall be payable on the 1st day of March each year. The amount of the fee shall be decided at each year’s Annual General Meeting. Any members whose subscription remains unpaid one month after the due date shall forfeit their membership and re-application shall be necessary.

5. The Society shall be managed by a committee to be elected by it’s members at the AGM. This committee shall consist of the officers of Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer and up to nine ordinary members. The Chairman shall be responsible for the conduct of meetings. The Secretary shall keep minutes of every meeting and be responsible for the administration of The Society’s affairs. The Treasurer shall present a balance sheet at the AGM, for the financial year ended 31st December, and shall be responsible for the finances of The Society. The rest of the committee shall be available for general duties, one of which should represent the interests of non-licensed members.

6. Any monies goods or other remuneration accruing to The Society shall be invested in the committee for the time being and shall be used for the benefit of The Society at the discretion of the committee.

7. The AGM shall be held during January of each year to which all members shall be invited. Any other interested parties are welcome to attend, but only fully paid up members shall be eligible to speak. Presentation of awards shall be made at this meeting at the discretion of the committee.

8. Votes at meetings are to be taken by a show of hands and a simple majority shall apply. Should the voting be equally divided the Chairman shall have the casting vote.

9. The committee, or a number of members totalling not less than 25% of it’s membership shall have the power to call an Extraordinary General Meeting for the purpose of amending the constitution or handling any serious complaint regarding the handling of The Society’s affairs. A quorum for such a meeting shall consist of a minimum of 35% of the total paid up members. All members shall be given written notice of any such meeting and motions shall be carried by a minimum of 75% of those members present and eligible to vote.

10. In the event of The Society being wound up, it’s funds shall be divided up equally between it’s fully paid up members after settlement of any outstanding debts.

11. Any out of pocket expenses incurred by members on behalf of The Society, totalling less than five pounds, shall not be refunded by The Society. Any other expenses will only be reimbursed on the production of a receipt and the agreement of two of the elected officers. Expenditure of over thirty pounds shall require authorisation of the committee.

12. Anyone representing The Society, either on air or at other meetings (other than in a professional capacity) shall be fully paid up members of The Society.

13. No alteration shall be made to this constitution except by a resolution at an AGM or on EGM of The Society. To be carried, such resolutions shall be carried by a resolution of 75% of those members present and eligible to vote.

14. This constitution is current as agreed at the EGM held on 10th February 2017 and supersedes all previous constitutions of The Society.

Signed as correct on 10th February 2017
Richard Austen, Chairman.

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