Clubroom and Facilities


The Clubroom is located at;
    Castle Sports Complex,        
Pinchbeck Rd,                 

For security reasons we do not have a post box at this address, (see contacts). We have the use of two rooms in the centre which is used for most of our activities.  Within the clubroom we have a club station with transceive facilities from Topband to 70cm, and occasionally 1296 MHz.  Some of the equipment belongs to the club and some belongs to members who have kindly allowed careful usage by other club members. We also have a variety of test equipment which is made available to members, and of course the most valuable asset any active member could wish for - an RFI filter kit. In actual fact there are two, which are made available to club members to help cure those awkward TVI problems without buying unnecessary filters. Simply find out which cures the problem by choosing it from the club kit then replace them.