S.D.A.R.S Officials and Committee




The following were elected at the AGM held in January 2012:-

Chairman                        John Hill G4NBR    chairman[at]sdars.org.uk
Treasurer                        Andrew Hebden G8BYB treasurer[at]sdars.org.uk
Secretary                       Graham Boor G8NWC  secretary[at]sdars.org.uk
Rally secretary               Graham Boor  G8NWC
                                     John Hill         G4NBR
Rally floor manager         Position Vacant
Website Manager           Colin Guy G4DDI  web-editor[at]sdars.org.uk  
Member                         Alan Hensman M0NBR
Member                         Phil Decamps M0PAC
Member                         Nick Brooks G4BMH  
Member                         Pete Henderson M0GTR
Member                         Andy Schofield M0PXY
Member                         Jim Scott G0HGH