The Spalding and District Amateur Radio Society

 Junk Sales.

Next Junksale - 15th February 2015

The SDARS holds an annual junk sale and auction. These are held at the 
Bromley Hall, Pode Hole, Spalding PE11 3LL.

The A151, Pode Hole. looking from the Spalding direction. The Bromley Hall is on the left, immediately after where the lorry is parked.

Pode Hole is located on the A151 Spalding - Bourne Road about two miles from the centre of Spalding. From Spalding direction, the Bromley Hall is on the left hand side immediately after  the Kingsway Tyre Depot. There is adequate parking beside the Hall.

The Bromley Hall


Plenty of time and room to natter.


Something for everyone on the club junk stall



Robin describing the delights of a piece of gear before offering it for sale!

The sales themselves open at 10 a.m. and usually consist of private and trade stands. The main feature is the auction, currently run by Robin, G3XDA, which starts at 11 a.m., allowing plenty of time for browsing and late entries.